Friday, October 13, 2017

My Fourth Toastmaster Speech - CC4

On the 28th of August, STMC held its own humorous speech and evaluation contest. Our club president Azlina asked me to join the humorous speech, I was kinda shocked cause I was considerably new and only did up to CC3 at that time. Despite not knowing what it actually was, I still said yes, just like I learn from funny Area Director Sylma, say yes first, then figure out how to do later. Completely blank on what to write, I Googled of course. But then, after a lot of researching and watching from youtube videos, there's only 1 conclusion that I can make. I have to conjure my own speech, and it has to be funny. Great, look at what I got myself into! 

So here it is.

CC4/Humorous Speech: Western Food VS Malaysian Food

    One of the hardest questions we ask every day, what to eat? Food has become a huge part of our lives. Whether it’s western food or Malaysian food, each has its own uniqueness. Let’s look into the differences between our food and western food.

    Few years ago, my friend and I organized a birthday bash at local fine dining western restaurant. The whole place was very dim. For me, I think it was romantic, but if it’s for my traditional parents who like to go brightly lit Chinese restaurant, they will surely say, “this place is so dark, how to eat?” So after finding our seat, the waitress handed us the menu. 

    I looked at the menu, it had no pictures at all but only small wordings typed in italic font. So I squinted my eyes and read carefully. I didn’t understand a thing. Not to embarrass myself in front of my friends, I ordered a dish with the fanciest name. Smoked bruschetta with sautéed baby Portobello served with asparagus wrapped in prosciutto

    When my food was served, I was completely shocked to see my plate, it was so huge but the portion was so small! There was only a slice of toasted bread, a pile of stir fried mushroom and three small pieces of asparagus, each wrapped nicely with a piece of thinly sliced meat. Apparently this was what I had ordered just now. It didn’t taste good at all. 

    How the heaven was the chef going to expect us to understand all these culinary jargons when we order our food? That’s why until now, I still prefer to go local food restaurants. They have nice big picture hanged on the wall and also on the menu. All the things in the menu list are straight forward and easy to understand. Talking about nice food pictures, I once saw a picture of Kuching laksa at a local eatery, it was so tempting that I decided to order on the spot. However, when my Kuching laksa came, it was nothing like the picture. Instead of 6 big nice juicy prawns shown on their signboard, there were only 3 little prawns in it. From that on, I’ve learnt to never trust anything or anyone 100% by their pictures only, including Facebook profile pictures. 

    So if you are planning a menu for your own fine dining restaurant, here's a tip, just write down every single ingredient and the cooking method on the menu, and don’t forget to replace a few words with some culinary jargons. For example, if you want your Ngiu Chap to sound like a dish from a 5 star Michelin restaurant, name it  rice vermicelli served in beef broth with boiled tender beef cubes, beef slices, white radish and coriander on top. 

    Ever since then, I tried to learn more about western dishes. So every day I would watch my favorite channel, Food Network. After watching for a while, I found out that the westerners like to name their food. For instance, a toasted bread cut in cubes are called croutons, a bread shaped like a doughnut is called a bagel, a bread looks like a long stick is called a baguette. In Malaysia, as long as it looks like a bread, smells like a bread and tastes like a bread, we'll just call it a bread. As simple as that.

    Along the journey of my self-taught western culinary experience, I learned a lot of Italian and French words. So If I want to impress others, I’ll just show off my limited foreign language knowledge. By the way, did you know that RSVP means please respond in French, Respondez, s'il vous plait. 

    Apart from that, westerners like to eat their food raw. They like their beef or mutton to be rare, with watery blood still oozing out from the center. I tried it once and I find it unacceptable. Ugh! Another time, I tried their salad, I felt like a cow eating grass. Talking about cow, do you know why do cows in Sabah can do anything they want? Because, boleh bah kalau COW! The only vegetable that I can eat it raw is the cucumber from my nasi ayam or nasi lemak. Another interesting fact about raw food, in Malaysia, fruits is usually eaten raw after meal, but the westerner did exactly the opposite, they used it mainly in their dessert. Apple pies, peach crumbles, poach pears, grilled pineapple etc. Foods that are supposed to be eaten raw are cooked, and foods that are supposed to be cooked are eaten raw. That’s why I can never fully understand the westerner.

    In a nutshell, western food and Malaysian food are very dissimilar from each other. Nevertheless, despite all of these huge contrasts, we still fall in love with them. Food is the only thing that can tie us together, no matter how different we are. That is why I love Malaysia, especially Sabah. We bonded with each other through our many varieties of delicious delicacies, from my favorite Indian’s roti canai, Malay’s rendang and Chinese dim sum. So the next time when you try to bond with someone, just bring some food!

So how was my speech? It turned out so much better than I thought. Everybody in the room laughed, especially the cow joke. I was so relieved. It was not an easy task to make everyone laugh okay. I'm not really a funny person. While writing this speech, president Azlina suggested that I could do this speech as a CC4, and so I did. Thank God for the wisdom and the guidelines of CC4, I finally came up with my speech and surprisingly, it managed to meet both purposes, how to say it and tickled some funny bones. 

Project 4 is How To Say It, one of the objectives is to select the right words and sentence structure to communicate your ideas accurately and vividly. I have to use rhetorical devices to enhance and emphasize ideas. Lastly, eliminate jargon and unnecessary words and use correct grammar. So basically CC4 is to write for the ear. 

DTM Soo Yuen Mee was my evaluator, not sure if she's one of the judges too. She said that my speech was original as I was speaking from my personal experiences. Room for improvement, add more gesture and facial expressions, in other words exaggerate everything. Thanks madam Yuen Mee! Madam Yuen Mee is also another funny lady. I am grateful to be surrounded by amazing people not only from the club, but also from other clubs as well. So far, Toastmasters has been a wonderful journey.

When the result came out, I never expected this. Second Place!

What a night full of joy and laughter. Our club IPP Dora and madam Amelia won the the Humorous Speech Contest and Evaluation Speech Contest respectively. Both of them are representing STMC for the Area K7 contest. Oh and third place won by madam Mary. 

For those who don't know what is an evaluation contest, it goes like this. Before the evaluation begin, there is a test speaker who will deliver her/his speech, then the contestants will give feedbacks or critique to the speech. This time we had madam Janet as a test speaker, who was also doing her CC5. Stay tuned for my next post on my CC5 and also my first role as a test speaker for the area contest. 

Another exquisite satiny ribbon added to my collection.

Monday, October 9, 2017

My third Toastmaster Speech CC3

Competent Communication Project 3, Get To The Point.
The objectives are to select a topic and determine it's general and specific purpose, the four general purposes are to inform, to persuade, to entertain and to inspire. I think mine falls under to inform. Secondly, I have to project sincerity and conviction and control any nervousness that I may feel, and lastly to ensure that the beginning,body and conclusion reinforce the purposes. The duration of the speech is 5 to 7 minutes. So here it is.

The Benefits of Becoming a Prefect
As I was searching my drawers for pins and badges, I found my old authentic (word of the day) prefect badge. Bittersweet memories of my prefect years started to swarm in my head and I was immediately inspired. Hence, my topic for today is the Benefits Of Becoming A Prefect.

I’ve become a prefect since I was 9 years old in primary school. One of the most important things I’ve learnt from my experience as a prefect is responsibility. We learn responsibility through our daily duties. The main duty of a prefect is to assist the teachers in maintaining order in the school. For example, we need to make sure that the students enter the classroom when the school bell rings. I’ve met a lot of stubborn students who liked to take their time to avoid entering class. Some of them liked to hide in the toilet, some in the library and some at the hidden corner beneath the staircase. 

Apart from that, whenever there were school activities and events, we must be there to help out with the preparation, organization and cleaning up. Some of the duties were fun, some were not so. However, I find that if we do things together, even the most boring job can become fun and interesting. We call it work hard, play hard.

When I was a younger prefect in form 1, I was afraid to tell the older students to go back to their classroom. Hey, nobody likes to be told by a chubby junior prefect to tell you what to do right? Somehow, I managed to conquer my fear and “halau” them back. I guess I was not as timid as I thought after all. My senior prefects and teachers in the disciplinary board must have seen my conspicuous bravery. Therefore, I was elected as the head prefect for next year afternoon class session. Talking about bravery, I was once almost hit by 2 groups of sworn enemy gangs while separating them from a fight. 

To quote from Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. Little did I know that becoming the leader of prefects would bring so much pain and troubles. Thank God, I managed to survive those days with strong endurance and also without air condition. It was the toughest year in my secondary school and I learn profound leadership skills.

Every year, I always anticipate our school prefect annual farewell dinner which was usually held at a fancy hotel ballroom with a specific theme. The form 4 prefects were in charge of this pinnacle event of the year. All the prefects including the teachers would dress up in dazzling dresses and sleek tuxedoes. On this night, we don’t have to pull straight faces or demerit any school outlaws. All we had to do was to have a whale of time and enjoy the evening packed with exhilarating activities such as lucky draw, performance by prefects with hidden talents, karaoke and fun games. It was through these kinds of activities, I learned about event-planning and problem solving skills.

One of my favorite prefect duties was spot checking. Spot check means we check students’ belongings without any prior notice. Sounds scary and fun at the same time right? We usually have spot check once a month. I have rummaged through many bags, some of the bags smell like rotten vermin, some of the bags contained only 2 books, and some of the bags contained the treasure we prefects were looking for. Among the things that I have found were hand phones, comic books, expensive perfume, cigarettes, CDs, videogames, and love letters. Some of these items were found in the rubbish bin, nicely wrapped with paper, some in the flower pots, some in every possible nooks and crannies of the school compound. My goodness, these students were really creative and desperate at hiding their belonging. Does it sound mean if I say that I was excited to have found these illegal stuffs? Another man’s pain is another man’s joy. 

Throughout these years, I’ve gained so much valuable experiences. All these experiences had moulded me to become versatile. We were the policeman of the school, we were the emcee for Monday’s assembly, we were the event planner for every school occasion and admin workers. Sometimes, prefects have to go back to school during school holidays to help out with some paper work. In other words, we are teacher’s multipurpose little helper. It’s a shame to see that a lot of prefects quit halfway. A good prefect needs to be responsible, punctual and co-operative. I am proud to say that I made it all the way to form 5. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in my entire school life. 

In a nutshell, becoming a prefect is not just about wearing a different uniform and blazers which make you feel superior to other students. It is about being a great role model to others, helping one to learn about responsibility, people skill, self-discipline and time management. Most importantly, it helps to shape you to become distinguished leader. Hence, becoming a prefect is pretty much like a joining toastmaster, full of fun experiences and learning advantages. Therefore, if you have any children or grandchildren in the school, encourage them to take this role. To quote from one of America’s famous football coach, Vince Lombardi, great leaders are made, not born.

So far, this is my most favorite free style group photo.

The theme for the night was Pins and Badges, hence my chosen topic for the night. 
All the ladies flaunted all their collection of toastmaster badges.

I was evaluated by madam Catherine Maurice from Toihaan Toastmaster Club, the only club which held its meeting lunch time with free meal provided. In the evaluation form, she gave me all 5 star rating which I think that she's too lenient on me. Haha. Overall she liked my speech and said it was well prepared. Although, I would appreciate it if there's some suggestions for improvement. I could have done better because I think I kinda bored the audience, and I got stuck somewhere in the middle.

Stay tuned for my next speech CC4 also my speech for my first humorous speech contest.

Monday, August 21, 2017

My First Charity Bazaar - Sabah Deaf Association

On the 9th July 2017, the Sabah Deaf Association held a Charity Bazaar to help raise fund for the deaf. 

Few weeks before that, I was approached by Swepa members madam Rosie and madam Phyllis about this event, they asked me if I could bake something delicious for the charity, I immediately said yes.

So we started selling the tickets. My mother and I sold almost RM500 worth tickets. Thank God we managed to sell all of them. A big thanks to my mother's colleagues and also my support group friends who have kind hearts for the needy. 

I never knew being one of the bazaar's vendor would be so tiring as this was my first time. One week prior to the selling day, my mom and I went around shopping for ingredients.  

A day before the bazaar, three of us, madam Rosie, my aunt and I were there to set up our stalls. 
So I helped them to design the poster. Madam Rosie brought us turkey sandwich for brunch!

I never knew this place existed as I rarely pass by that area.
It is located at Jalan Khidmat, beside Kota Kinabalu International School and the Hindu Temple.

My mum made Lo Mai Gai.

I baked cheese tarts and banana cake. 

Early Sunday morning, we quickly packed and load everything to the car and off we went to the venue. 6.30am, we reached there and started to set the stall up.

The three vendors. 

Datin Jeannette came to support the charity.

Met my friend's sister, Naomi cos-playing as Zootopia's Nick. She's also doing charity, so we give any amount to take picture with the cos-players. I met spider man, he looked very real! But a bit short. haha. 

These were the things that we sell. My brother helped make the sushi =)

My aunt selling her Korean Face Mask.

My mother and her long lost cousin, aunty Stella. 
I'll tell you more about this serendipitous encounter in the next post.

Madam Rosie was helping the local communities to promote their local product. 
She is a petite lady with a big heart.

I've tried this pineapple chutney, it was amazingly scrumptious! They were made by the widows who lost their husbands to Ranau earthquake back in 2015. You may order with Madam Rosie.

Met uncle Michael and aunty Flora at the bazaar. 
It was great to see them again after a long time.

One of the SWEPA member, Elly who came to support us. 
A big thanks to other Swepa members like madam Carole who visited our stalls as well.

And also to my support group friends, Dr. Sandi, Joanna and Wai Mun, thank you for taking your time off to come and visit us. So sorry, forgot to take picture with you guys.

People slowly came swarming in to the compound, business peaked around 11am. There were many stalls selling food, snacks, drinks, eggs, grocers, vegetables, fruits, and roasted duck. There were also fun activities such as games and pet adoption booth prepared for everyone.

By the end of the day, we were all exhausted. Thank God for the good business, we managed to sell most of our products, including the eggs. The most "laku" were the can drinks. Those little children from the deaf society kept coming back for more, thanks to the good weather. I was also sweltering all day long. Some of them forgot that we don't speak sign language, haha. Nevertheless we still manage to communicate with each other. I remember learning basic alphabet sign language at my Sunday school long long ago, but all were long forgotten.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience indeed, working with Madam Rosie and my aunt was a pleasure. Interacting with these deaf/mute children and youths reminded me how privileged am I to have the ability to hear and speak. So let's take a moment to appreciate what we have right now. I heard that the event was a huge success, thanks to all the supporter, all the members of the deaf association were greatly benefited from the funds raised.

Friday, July 28, 2017

My Second Toastmaster Speech - CC2

In toastmaster, we have to do certain projects. Each project has different purposes. The second project is called "Organize Your Speech". The main objective is to make sure our speech is well-structured, clear and easily understood. We are also encouraged to use appropriate transitions to ensure the smooth flow of the speech, the speech should contain a strong opening and ending. Time limit is 5-7 minutes.

So here it is.

Competent Communicator Project 2 : How to Overcome Procrastination? 

Good evening fellow toastmasters and guest.

Do you always find yourself putting off tasks which you should have done long time ago over and over again? You’re not alone, I procrastinate too, sometimes I wish there’s a magical fairy to help me clean up my room. Deep down, we are all aware that procrastinating in long term is not a healthy habit. It diminishes the quality of our work, which leads to missing deadlines, it causes others to avoid working with us, or worst, it damages our reputation and our most promising career. Hence, if you want to learn to overcome procrastination, here are the three crucial steps to follow.

Step one; you need to recognize when you’re procrastinating. 

Ask yourself these questions, do you read emails but never reply or do anything about it? Are you always waiting for the right mood and time? Or even when you have found the right mood, but you find yourself browsing clothes on Lazada? If your answer is yes, this indicates that you are delaying your work progress. If you have a genuine good reason for rescheduling something important, then you’re not necessarily procrastinating, however if this continues for more than a day, that just became an excuse. Everyone has 24 hours, it’s not about the time constraint; it’s about priorities. If your priorities are your family, then surely you’ll have time for them, same with your career and health. There’s a Chinese saying which goes like this, time is like cleavage, give it a little squeeze, and there you have it. (Audience laughed)

Step two; work out why you are procrastinating. 

One reason is that people find a particular task unpleasant and try to avoid it. Most jobs have boring aspects to them, and often the best way of dealing with these is to get them done quickly, so that you can focus on the more enjoyable element of the work. 

Another cause is that people are disorganized. They do not have a prioritized to-do list and schedule which emphasize on how important the piece of work is. Sometimes, people can also be overwhelmed by huge complicated tasks. They do not know where to start, so they ended up avoiding it by doing comfortable tasks. Unfortunately, the bigger problem is still there. 

Apart from that, the fear of failure and success may obstruct you from completing the task. For example, you think that success will lead to you more requests to do this type of job, or that you’ll be promoted to higher position which you think you are incapable of handling. Hence, you keep on stalling and your work never gets done. On the other hand, you’re also afraid of messing up the job. 

An interesting fact, perfectionists are often procrastinators, as they tend to think "I don't have the right skills or resources to do this perfectly now, so I won't do it at all." (Totally forgot this part)

This leads us to the third and most crucial step, adopt anti-procrastination strategies.

If you're putting off a project because you find it overwhelming, break it into a set of smaller, more manageable tasks. Create an action plan with a specific due date, start with some quick, small tasks. That way you'll feel that you're achieving things, and the whole project won't be so overwhelming after all. Another great tip is to focus on one thing at a time, you’re not an octopus; you can’t do much with only a pair of hands. 

Secondly, use peer pressure! This is the principle behind slimming and other self-help groups, and it is widely recognized as a highly effective approach. In our case, mentor and mentee can check on each other’s progress on their toastmasters’ speech.

Next, remind yourself the negative consequences of NOT doing the task. For instance, if you don’t pay the bills before the due date, chances are your electricity or wifi service will be cut off. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

Lastly, don’t forget to reward yourself. For example, promise yourself a piece of cheese cake after that long overdue car maintenance session. You’ll notice that how good it feels to get things done just like when I finally finished drafting my speech.

Dear toastmasters and guest, the next time you’re caught in the procrastination conundrum, apply these three simple steps. First, be aware that you’re procrastinating, then identify why you are doing it and most importantly take appropriate steps to overcome the block. Remember procrastination is the thief of time.

Thank you.

This website provides many helpful articles and videos on self-improvement and productivity. It's a brilliant website for those who wanted to excel in their life, on the other hand it's also a great place for toastmasters to search for informative topics. I choose this topic because I think it is relevant to everybody. We all procrastinate, don't we? =)

My evaluator was Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Ophelia. By the way, you have to complete many assignments before you can earn this highest ranking title, DTM. So yeah, I was honoured to have her as my evaluator, 

Ophelia gave comprehensive feedback on my speech. Apparently, I should just dive straight into my speech without addressing the audience. My examples were humorous. Whew! Good to know that I didn't bore my audience. My points were easy to follow as there were only three steps plus the transitions that I used. She said I also summarized my point and ended with a nice quote. In general, she gave mostly 5 out of 5 rating. Thank you for being really generous Ophelia =) You're indeed an adept evaluator.

Overall, I think I did pretty well, although I got stuck somewhere in the middle due to nervousness, thank God I managed to continue my speech without looking at my script. Looking forward to my next speech. A tip that I've learnt in writing speech, use your own words instead of copy-pasting from the source, it was easier to remember what you have written than what you have copied.

Our next meeting is on 9th August 2017, Wednesday 7pm at Wisma Wanita. You are welcome to join us for an evening full of fun and learning experience. The theme is Pins and Badges.

Contact me for more details.

Monday, July 17, 2017

My Toastmaster Journey

Of late, I joined SWEPA Toastmaster (STMC), and I can say that so far I've benefited so much from that club. 

So what is a toastmaster? 
A toastmaster is basically someone who speaks publicly at an event.

Hence a toastmaster club, or my club STMC, which is under Toastmaster International, is a nonprofit educational organization which helps members improve their communication, public speaking, and leadership skills.

I've heard of this club since secondary school, and I knew it's about public speaking. 
However it's a lot more than that. The whole thing is an incredible learning experience, if you like learning new things like me, surely you'll fall in love with toastmaster club. 

Our STMC meeting is held on every first and third Wednesday night at Wisma Wanita. 
They have strict protocols to follow when carrying out the meeting. We usually have dinner together until 7.30pm so that the role players can be ready while others have dinner and fellowship. I'll talk about role players later.

So what do you do in a toastmaster club? 

The meeting consists mainly of two session. The first one is the table topic and the second one is manual speeches. During the table topic, the table topic master will prepared a range of topics from current issues to fantasy for the members to answer it within 2 minutes time. I've tried once, 2 minutes can be quite long if you ran out of idea. Members can either be selected or volunteer to take the topic. As for the manual speeches, each week, 3 members are chosen ahead to prepare their speech. I've done my second speech last two weeks ago in my first baju kurung. 

Oh speaking of baju kurung, each week there's a different theme, so since it was raya season, everyone dressed in colourful Malay attire.   

So back to our role players, what do they do?

There's toastmaster of the evening who's responsible for the flow of agenda of the evening.
The "Ah" Counter counts how many "ahs" "ums" "well" we blurted out during the whole meeting.
There's a Timer to keep track of time, making sure the meeting starts and ends on time.
The Grammarian jots down every grammar mistakes we made, beautiful sentences and the usage of word of the day. By the way, every week, the grammarian will introduce the word of the day. Every time someone uses it, the members will knock the table. It was oddly fun to do it.
There are also a few evaluators assigned to evaluate the speakers and other role players.
Not forgetting the Humour Master, he or she tickles your funny bones.  

These people take their roles seriously, they don't do perfunctory presentation.

So yeah, you will not only learn about public speaking, but also gain a wide range of knowledge from the topics, cultivate leadership skills and responsibility by taking up these roles, meet a lot of experienced wonderful people who have been in the toastmasters club before I was born, and most importantly you build up your self-esteem and boost your confidence.  

Monday, June 19, 2017

My SWEPA Journey Commenced.

Earlier this year, I was invited by SWEPA's president, Wynnie, to join SWEPA - Sabah Women Entrepreneur and Professionals Association.

If you're born in my generation, the social media generation, there's a huge chance you've never heard of it. That's because we seldom read local newspapers.

Joining SWEPA is a huge eye-opener for me. Never have I seen and been with so many successful business women and professionals in the same setting.

My first activity with them was back in March, a talk delivered by Dr. Oh Ei Sun, a former political secretary at Malaysia Prime Minister Office on the topic "Belt and Road Initiative".
It was an insightful talk full of information about China and Sabah's trading and cultural exchange activities. 

On the 3rd June, there was a Biznet Training held for the members at Shangrila Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa. The whole day training was another educational and fun experience. This is why I love learning. Cause sometimes you'll get mind-blown by never-heard-before insights from the experts. Attending Biznet definitely helped me to step up my business game.

Four business experts giving their best tips on how to improve our business.
Datuk CK Tan, one of Malaysians successful business conglomerate, was the one who brought KFC into Sabah. 

Wefie with one of the talented speaker, Nadira (yellow shawl), who taught us the importance of using social media as a platform to attract more customers.

The following week, I attended Sabah's exclusive announcement of the Platinum Business Award 2017 at Hilton Hotel Kota Kinabalu. SWEPA was the co-organizer as well as supporting partner. Those who attended the event were high net worth individuals, all dressed in business suits. Among those who were present at the event are our KK town mayor Datuk Yeo, Datuk Yong Teck Lee, Professor Yong of SIA, and the organizing chairman Dato Sri Ricky Yaw.

SWEPA members with the co-organizer JTL Empire.

For those who don't know what is Platinum Business Award, it is an award to recognize outstanding SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in Malaysia. If you think you're one of them, you may apply online via by 15th July 2017.

Last but not least, my latest event of SWEPA, the Annual General Meeting, held at Palace Hotel last week on the 17th of June. At the meeting, I've seen first hand how does a club carry out their exco members election. Through their annual report, SWEPA has proven to be an award-winning association by helping the community in need. One of their project - Barefoot Solar Project led by past president Datin Jeannette Tambakau is one of the greatest initiatives to help rural people get electricity.

President Wynnie has shown extraordinary leadership skills in helping the association to become stronger and empowering. She passed the baton to Datuk Aminah, our next SWEPA president. We hope that Datuk Aminah and the exco will strive harder to bring the association to reach greater heights in the next coming term.

I met Madam Jennifer from my dancing school at the event, she was the photographer of the day, she was really good at making sure everyone poised and looked stunning in every picture.

New and old exco.

SWEPA June babies.

Thank you, madam president for giving me the opportunity to bake for SWEPA event.
I could have done better on the icing.

We had a whale of time eating scrumptious Ramadan buffet. Sitting second from right is Shan Tao former principal as well as a published author. I had a lot to learn from her.

Madam President with the new members, me, Anna and Melanie.

Induction of new members.

Our story was published in Daily Express. Reported by Mary Chin. 

In a nutshell, I've learned so much from SWEPA, these amazing women had inspired me to become better in every aspect, including self-image. Once again, thank God for this wonderful opportunity to let me grow and learn. Hope to attend more educational events like this and learn from the business pundits in the future.

By the way, those heels are killing me.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Today is Museum Day - Sabah State Museum

Last Saturday, my mother and I decided to take our relatives to Sabah state museum. I haven't been to the museum since secondary school. So it's a good time to refresh my memories.

My cousin's wife, who is my nephew and niece's mother, came all the way from KL to pay a visit, so what's more interesting and informative about Sabah than to take her and her children to the museum?

Entrance Fee:
13 and above: RM2
Children 12 and below and senior citizens who reach 55 are FOC.
Isn't it cheap?!

As soon as we entered the main door, we were greeted by this huge whale skeleton.

Tunku Abdul Rahman signing the declaration to form Malaya.

You may not want to put these traditional musical instruments in your mouth.

Bright and colourful chinese wedding ceremony displays.

The local ethnic - Kadazan costumes.

The animal kingdom.

Europian ceramics.

Can you spot a smaller jar inside? 

The exhibition was a few divided into few categories, there were old artifacts, traditional costumes, history, and the founding of Malaya and Malaysia. Then on the upstairs, there were preserved animals displays and ceramics on the other side. It was a good place for learning and taking pictures.

 Fun for the whole family. Outside, there were old trains and classic automobiles. 
So next time if you have someone from far away coming to Sabah, bring them to the museum. 
It is cheap and educational.

After a hot tiring day, we had Sabah's famous local food, Sang Nyuk Mian for lunch.
It was another wonderful fellowship with my relatives.